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40 Days for Life ‘vigils’ start today!

That’s right. We were at the BPCA opening event in Stratford last night, and pleased to see so many others turn up to support our right to access reproductive health care free from harassment. 

From today, anti-choice protesters will be outside abortion clinics in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Leamington Spa, Milton Keynes and Manchester. If you want to help us show them they’re not welcome, here’s what you can do:

  • Make a donation! For every protester that turns up outside your local clinic, give a quid to pro-choice education project Education For Choice. Or just give a quid for every day they’re there!
  • Promote the ‘piss-off a picket’ campaign by word of mouth and by sharing on social media. Use the hash-tag #PissOffAPicket to get us trending on Twitter!
  • Email us or tweet us @40DaysofChoice to keep us informed of what’s going on in your local area – help us count the picketers!
  • Contact local press in your area to let them know about the campaign and how people can peacefully respond to anti-choice pickets near them.
A peaceful and positive campaign against clinic protests and the 40 Days for Life campaign (5th March to the 14th of April.)

We're raising money for Abortion Support Network, and we'll be suggesting a pro-choice action for every day of the 40 Days campaign.

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