40 Days of Choice

Mar 19

Action 14: Support young parents & sign the petition for 'No eviction from Focus E15' -

Reproductive justice means support for people who choose to become parents, too. The Focus E15 Mum’s campaign in Stratford has been waging war on Newham council’s attempts to rehouse them out of borough (and out of London) due to cuts. Sign their petition against their eviction: 

Mar 14

Action 10: Donate to ASN today -

Imagine having to travel to another country just to access a safe, legal abortion? Navigating your way through the problems of sorting travel and acommodation, finding childcare, taking time from work, scraping the cash together… And when you finally reach the clinic there’s one more problem; a bunch of picketers.

Mara Clarke, director of ASN says;

The women who call @AbortionSupport Network are so desperate they need to call strangers in another country and ask for money for abortion. But hey, protestors, go ahead and make them feel worse.

Mar 13

Action 9: Explore abortion law around the world -

Access to safe and legal abortion varies from completely accessible to completely banned. Explore the laws in different countries with the Centre for Reproductive Rights’ excellent map.

Mar 12

Action 8: Make the pro-choice movement trans-inclusive. -

Abortion rights aren’t just important for women but for everyone with a uterus. Clue yourself up on the importance of abortion rights to people who are transgender or don’t identify with a binary gender.

FURTHER READING! http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/17888-not-everyone-who-has-an-abortion-is-a-woman-how-to-frame-the-abortion-rights-issue



And let us know if you’ve read, or written, about this and we’ll add it to the list

Mar 11

Action seven! Spread the word about Women on Web! -

Mar 10

Action 6: Sign up to Brook’s Sex Positive petition for great sex education

Real choice requires high quality sex education for young people so they can make informed choices about sex and everything that goes with it. Sign Brook’s petition to support 21st century sex education: http://www.brook.org.uk/index.php/sex-positive-home

Mar 09

Action 4: Go outside.

If you’re in Cardiff there’s a pro choice match happening today - 11am starting from City Hall. In London the mybellyismine campaign has a workshop on the south bank followed by an event on the Hungerford bridge. Somewhere else? It’s International Women’s Day. There are amazing events happening right across the UK and the world.


Action 5: Read the facts on the Guttmacher Institute website

Know the facts! The Guttmacher Institute is an amazing source of facts and stats about reproductive choice. Go lose yourself it for a few hours this Sunday afternoon, and bookmark it in readiness for the next time you end up arguing with an anti-choicer - http://www.guttmacher.org/

Mar 07

Action 3: Sign up to the My Belly Is Mine thunderclap

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. In solidarity with those in Spain fighting repressive abortion legislation, sign up to the @MyBellyIsMine #IWD14 thunderclap to raise awareness about what’s happening in Spain: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/9268-my-belly-is-mine

Mar 06

Action 2: Join Abortion Rights

If you’re not already a member, join Abortion Rights, the national pro-choice campaign who work tirelessly to defend and extend a woman’s right to abortion.

They rely on grassroots funding from their members to be able to continue to make a difference in campaigning for abortion rights.